Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont pledges to sign key abortion bill

Average wait time at Connecticut DMVs drops as state adds more online options

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HARTFORD, Conn. — Connecticut residents are spending less time at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The average wait time has dropped to less than 20 minutes for in-person visits.

Gov. Ned Lamont says it’s part of his administration’s goal to “get folks online and not in line” at the DMV.

“We’ve done 750,000 online transactions so far this year, 750,000 people that didn’t have to take half a day off from work, 750,000 fewer people in a car driving back and forth, and those that have to come in because they’re getting their license for the first time … get a little more personal attention now because it’s not as crowded,” he said.

The governor says the added options for online transactions will help continue reducing the wait time at state DMV offices.

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