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Where is the competence in Washington, D.C.? | LETTER

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One subject we should all agree on is competence in government. Yet we see mistake after public policy mistake made, while the “unintended consequences” are neither acknowledged nor corrected.

Mask the young but ignore the learning penalties and mental health damage. Defund and demoralize law enforcement and then deny increased crime is occurring. Tout the $2 trillion infrastructure bill and then reinstate EPA permit hurdles eight months later before any projects have broken ground. Beg Venezuela and Mideastern despots for more oil while failing to encourage the return to domestic energy independence. Sell strategic oil and encourage increased corn ethanol when Africa will face famine from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Fail to remember the drivers of inflation (too much money chasing too few goods) for more than a year and then deny and deflect the causes.

Most Americans agree that immigration enriches American society and is needed for a healthy diverse country. National security imperatives must prevail. We have the expectation that the immigrants are law-abiding and will become productive members of our society. This changed to the current chaos when the rules were relaxed, cancelled or ignored starting in January 2021.

Every poll in the news these days shows the current administration and Congress failing in most every metric listed.

The action item list for our leaders has not been more serious or unfocused in decades. We deserve competence by our leaders. And those who will not make policy and law that improve our safety, security and welfare do not deserve re-election, This mission plan is unique to all involved in public service. Government administrators, employees and contractors should be working to improve the system with pragmatic positive competent actions.

But it would be best if they took a page from the medical profession: First, do no harm.

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