Some New Yorkers say last year's crackdown on illegal ATVs, dirt bikes didn't do enough to stop the problem

Some New Yorkers say last year’s crackdown on illegal ATVs, dirt bikes didn’t do enough to stop the problem

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NEW YORK — Last year, New York City imposed tougher fines and penalties for people who illegally ride ATVs and dirt bikes on the street, but CBS2’s Cory James spoke with residents who believe that has done little to stop the dangerous activity.

Some Upper East Side neighbors say it’s happening at all hours of the day, multiple times a week.

“It’s literally hundreds coming down the block,” Len Genovese said. “It’s a real problem.”

Genovese lives near 74th Street and First Avenue. He recorded video of the ongoing activity that he says is jeopardizing public safety.

“I’ve had some close calls. You can’t cross the street when it’s happening. If you do, you’re putting yourself in danger,” he said.

Footage shows riders popping wheelies in Chelsea as they spread across all lanes of traffic for an Easter Sunday cruise.

“It’s gotten really bad,” said Ryan Myers, another Upper East Side resident.

He says the illegal riding is non-stop near his building, which is not too far from Mayor Eric Adams.

“I’m shocked that with him being so close that nothing has been done,” Myers said.

CBS2 asked councilmember Eric Dinowitz about the issue.

“I do not think enough is being done to ensure our safety and to protect and improve our quality of life here in New York City,” he said. “We know the reasons why high speed chases in New York City are not a good idea, but we need the NYPD to have a presence and to enforce the laws that exist.”

According to a police source, the NYPD last April to October took more than 3,000 dirt bikes, ATVs, mopeds, motorcycles and scooters off the street. Our source says because this is a seasonal problem, enforcement efforts are currently ramping up.

After CBS2 started asking questions about what is being done, the NYPD posted on social media saying ten bikes and ATVs were seized in the Edenwald Houses in the Bronx.

Those who are fed up with the noise would like to see more of this.

“I think they really need to get them off the street, confiscate them,” Genovese said.

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