Rep. Mast grills Blinken over 'lies' on Ukraine: 'He gave no answers'

Rep. Mast grills Blinken over ‘lies’ on Ukraine: ‘He gave no answers’

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Rep. Brian Mast said the Biden administration is “trying to overwhelm and cover things up” on a variety of issues. Mast, R-Fla., joined “Fox & Friends” Friday to address how Secretary of State Antony Blinken provided no answers on the administration’s plans for the Ukraine war.


REP. BRIAN MAST: We had Secretary Blinken come before the Foreign Affairs Committee, and I think this shows that the administration was really trying to do a garbage dump on Capitol Hill because they also sent Mayorkas and the CDC and they did the Disinformation Governance Board, all in one day, they’re just trying to overwhelm and cover things up. But Blinken specifically, he came to Capitol Hill and gave basically no answers to Republicans or Democrats. And even at one point, as he was speaking to me, went so far as to say that Ukraine would be making decisions about U.S. sanctions, U.S. commerce and what we choose to regain with Russia, basically saying United States of America, who Ukraine is coming to for assistance, we’re not in the driver’s seat, we’re not determining red lines, we’re not even determining our own commerce. That’s all going to be figured out by another nation over in Europe. That’s not the United States of America. 


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