Las Vegas police stop driver with fake license plate, 'Cracker Jack' stickers

Las Vegas police stop driver with fake license plate, ‘Cracker Jack’ stickers

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District police said they stopped a driver with a fictitious license plate, including, in their words, “Cracker Jack stickers on it.”

Police did not release the woman’s name, only referring to her in a Facebook post as “Fictitious Phyllis.”

The woman reportedly told police her vehicle was registered with the Department of Transportation and that the plate was federally licensed.

The plate included stickers for “DOT” and “2022.” Valid Department of Motor Vehicles-issued registrations include a sticker with a month and year of renewal.

“Upon our short and sweet investigation, Phyliss was issued some citations and apparently we entered ourselves into a contract with a trust,” police wrote. “You can’t make up your own reality of what is required to drive legally on Nevada roadways.”

Drivers in Nevada are required to have up-to-date car registrations and driver’s licenses.

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