Passaic, N.J. officials trying to get to the bottom of why Hughes Lake has turned blue

Mysterious pollution turning Hughes Lake blue traced back to neighboring Clifton, Passaic mayor says

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PASSAIC, N.J. — Town officials shared an update Thursday on mysterious pollution turning a New Jersey lake into a milky blue color.

Passaic Mayor Hector Lora tells CBS2 the brook that leads into the lake has cleared up, but Hughes Lake is still murky.

Authorities determined the substance is not harmful to people or animals. The mayor says it came from Clifton and may be what’s known as DE, a sediment commonly used in pool filters. 

“We’ve been able to confirm through some investigation opening up manholes into Clifton that the substance is coming from our neighboring municipality,” Lora said. “To what extent, we’ll get information as to the origin of it.”

The mayor vowed to hold accountable whichever company or individual is responsible to the fullest extent of the law. 

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