Keep the opinions on the opinion page | LETTER

Keep the opinions on the opinion page | LETTER

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Why is it that when I read a political news story in the Review-Journal, I can usually determine the reporter’s political affiliation, especially when it’s left-leaning? Case in point, the April 22 Review-Journal story headlined “Adam Laxalt, Ted Cruz slam Biden economy at Henderson rally.”

In the article, reporter Colton Lochhead “fact checks” statements made by Mr. Laxalt and Sen. Cruz about Mr. Biden’s out-of-control spending and the effect it has had on ballooning inflation. Mr. Lochhead attempts to refute their statements by citing left-leaning source PolitiFact, a so-called “fact check” website that is funded by liberal foundations. Is this news reporting or advocacy?

I have no problem with the RJ publishing columnists such as Steve Sebelius representing a liberal perspective or Victor Joecks for the conservative side. That’s what opinion columns are for. However, when it comes to straight news, reporters should not be infusing their own biases throughout their articles. Just give me the news as it happened. I can “fact check” on my own, thank you. Or as they used to say on the old TV show “Dragnet,” “Just the facts ma’am.”

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