Artists bring large-scale murals featuring pop culture, Hispanic heritage and more to New Rochelle

Artists bring large-scale murals featuring pop culture, Hispanic heritage and more to New Rochelle

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NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. — It is artwork on an epic scale. A dozen new murals are brightening up the cityscape in a Westchester County city.

CBS2’s Tony Aiello has more on the eye-catching colors and intriguing designs in New Rochelle.

As the shadow of the pandemic lifts, artists are literally going to great heights to bring large-scale works to the people.

“After the last two years, when New Rochelle was really the epicenter of the pandemic, it’s nice to have something joyful, something fun, something to bring the community together and create an outdoor museum,” said Theresa Kump, of the New Rochelle Council on the Arts.

It started in 2019 with one specific mural and seven others. This year, the outdoor gallery has grown with 12 more. One work, titled “Always on the Move,” combines hyper-realistic and abstract elements. It’s by the Dutch art duo known as Telmomiel.

“A little bit of life into the neighborhood, it’s nice to see,” artist Miel Krutzmann said.

One mural pays tribute to blue collar workers who work in cities and keep them running. Pop cultural references and Hispanic heritage are echoed in other works.

And near the movie theaters at New Roc City, a mural of King Kong spills onto the sidewalk to create an Instagram-able interactive illusion.

“The level of excitement of people in front of art, and the level of inspiration it brings is just amazing,” said Audrey Decker, curator of Street Art for Mankind.

Art for art’s sake is justification enough. If it entices people downtown, so much the better.

“People will come to see the murals. They’ll walk, they’ll try the shops, they’ll eat at a restaurant, they’ll have a drink, and they’ll enjoy the art,” Decker said.

So look up. You’ll get an artistic eyeful.

New Rochelle is holding an “Art Walk” on Sunday, to view the murals and meet the artists. It kicks off at 11 a.m. at Radisson Plaza, and it’s free.

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