4.27 million air passengers recorded in March in Las Vegas

4.27 million air passengers recorded in March in Las Vegas

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Reid International Airport numbers show strong growth

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Airline passenger counts increased by 27.8% in a single month as air travel surged in Las Vegas, according to numbers released by Reid International Airport.

Records show 4.27 million passengers used the airport in March, up from 3.34 million in February.

The growth in airline traffic came as air carriers saw higher demand after the COVID-19 omicron variant ran its course in January and February.

International passengers grew by nearly 54,000 — a 53.7% jump over February. And compared to last March, international passengers have grown by almost 800%.

The growth compared to last year was up all around, showing a 65.8% increase overall. That compares to a 26.3% increase in domestic travel.

Year-to-date passenger counts — now at 10.76 million through March — far exceeded 2021 year-to-date numbers. Air passengers are up 89% compared to this time last year.

Southwest Airlines, the No.1 carrier at Reid, recorded 1.46 million passengers — 289,080 more passengers than in February.

  • Southwest Airlines: 1,468,680, up 24.5% over February, and up 64.6% over last March
  • Spirit Airlines: 538,827, up 29.0% over February, and up 64.1% over last March
  • Delta Air Lines: 424,678, up 31.4% over February, and up 95.9% over last March
  • American Airlines: 388,661, up 23.0% over February, and up 41.0% over last March
  • Frontier Airlines: 366,203, up 16.4% over February, and up 27.9% over last March

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