Kilmeade: Democrats perfected the 'art of the self-inflicted wound'

Kilmeade: Democrats perfected the ‘art of the self-inflicted wound’

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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade told viewers on Saturday’s “One Nation” that he found something President Biden “perfected” during his time in office: the “unforced error.” 

BRIAN KILMEADE: Well, the Democrats are down right now, there’s no denying it. … Perfecting the art of the self-inflicted wound. Throughout time, presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have had to deal with things that were pretty much out of their control. But how they act and react to the uncontrollable is what truly decides what kind of leader they will be, what makes or breaks them. Case in point: Abraham Lincoln. He decided to save the Union. He saved the country. It cost him his life. FDR answered and inherited depression with the New Deal and answered a Japanese attack on our homeland by declaring and winning the war, World War II. And when you think of Ronald Reagan, think of steadfast. Reagan was able to stare down communism and win the Cold War in doing so. … The president of the United States has been anything but great so far during his first almost two years in office, but we have found something that he has perfected. It’s called the unforced error.


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The bipartisan infrastructure bill, he struck out by going with the all-or-nothing approach. … So we didn’t get Build Back Better. He was going to do the infrastructure bill. He didn’t get Build Back Better, but he did the infrastructure bill. What about his record on inflation we’re seeing — impacting the amount of money in your pocket. The president thinks it’s just transitory. … Remember his botched Afghanistan withdrawal when he thought the Afghan army was one of the strongest in the world? … What about the administration somehow missing the wave on COVID variants?

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