'She has a smile out of this world,' Family searches for missing 24-year-old Las Vegas woman

‘She has a smile out of this world,’ Family searches for missing 24-year-old Las Vegas woman

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 24-year-old Briana Davis has been missing since March 31, and her family tells 8 News Now they are doing everything they can to find her.

They say their hands are tied because they are in California and they say the people Davis was living with are not giving them concrete answers. 

“She has a smile out of this world, a smile that will make you happy as well,” said Essence Rahab, Davis’s sister.

Briana Davis, 24, was last seen on March 31, 2022. (KLAS)

Rahab tells 8 News Now their family is terrified not knowing Davis’ whereabouts.
She added that Briana moved from California to Las Vegas with her boyfriend back in February, the sisters would talk every day up until March 31st.

“She is not on social media or anything. That is not like her, she always keeps up with our stories,” Rahab said. 

Rahab added that it was only a few days ago when Davis’ boyfriend let others know she was “kind of missing.”

“That instantly raised alarms for us,” Rahab said. 

She added that Davis’ boyfriend keeps giving them different answers, saying she was picked up in the middle of the night to go see a friend and then saying she walked to the nearest 7-11 and never came home.

“No contact, no one has seen her, the boyfriend is acting suspicious he is not answering our calls,” Rahab said. 

They say Davis did not have a car, and the family came to Las Vegas on Easter weekend to look for her but had no luck. 

In the meantime they have a message for Davis, “We love you, and if anybody has her or if anybody is holding her please let our sister go we want her home and we want her safe,” Rahab said.

8 News Now did reach out to Davis’ boyfriend and let him know we are helping the family find Davis, he at first laughed and told us to call him back but when we did he did not answer.

Las Vegas Metro Police are aware of Davis’ disappearance and ask the public to reach out with any information they may have on her disappearance by calling 702-828-3111.

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