More police needed in schools after teacher attack, students and staff say

More police needed in schools after teacher attack, students and staff say

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District students and staff returned to class Tuesday after spring break. Some staff used the first day back to send a message to the district.

A rally was held outside Eldorado High School calling for an end to violence on campuses. Eldorado High School is where a student violently attacked a teacher earlier this month. That student now charged with attempted murder.

A student of that teacher told 8 News Now it’s not the same in class without her. This as more people say safety should be a top priority for the district and after that attack more campus monitoring and security are not negotiable.

“Even if it is support staff, we need more admin and more teachers,” said Eldorado campus monitor, Verran Tucker. “We need more bodies and people that want to be here,” he added.

Tucker is one of five campus monitors at Eldorado High School. He along with others heading the rally Tuesday say staying fully staffed is a struggle.

“We have hundreds of campus security monitor positions that are open, and the district can’t get anybody to work these positions because they don’t pay enough,” President of ESEA, Jan Giles said.

Josie Ramirez, a student of the Eldorado High School teacher who was attacked earlier this month by a student says she didn’t even know that her teacher had been hurt until the day after. “Going to school the next day with information of a teacher being assaulted and then to find out on your own that it was your teacher; I was left with no words,” Ramirez shared.

An announcement about that teacher was made Tuesday in school leaving Ramirez to wonder if she’ll ever see her again. “I had her class today and she wasn’t there, but the substitute did tell us that she won’t be returning for the rest of the year,” Ramirez shared. “I heard that she is recovering at home and is taking time to herself.”

Students and teachers told 8 News Now that Tuesday there was more of a police presence on campus, but the lack of monitoring by police in the hallways was still an issue.

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