National Football League wide receiver Antonio Brown, left, is seen with boxer Floyd Mayweather ...

Floyd Mayweather offers a $20M bet on Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown has Floyd Mayweather in his corner.

The boxer spoke about the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver on the podcast “The Pivot,” saying he will pay any NFL team that signs Brown and regrets it, according to CBS Sports.

“I think AB is really misunderstood. He just wants to be treated fair. And this is for any team that’s watching right now. We’ll make them a deal: if they sign AB and AB go through the whole season, no problems at all, and then they gotta give us $20 million,” Mayweather said. “But if he mess up, then we’ve gotta give them $20 million. So if any team want to match that, you know, reach out to us.”

Brown is currently unsigned after being released by Tampa Bay following a dramatic exit during a game in which he removed parts of his uniform and walked off the field.

Drama has followed Brown over the past few seasons, including a stint with the Raiders that was cut short after a number of controversies.

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