Watters: DC elite are 'whining' about how boring Biden is

Watters: DC elite are ‘whining’ about how boring Biden is

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Fox News host Jesse Watters said President Biden has sucked the energy out of D.C. on Friday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” and that the district’s elites “can’t get excited for their own president.”

JESSE WATTERS: He’s just boring. Joe’s running the show in D.C. now, and he’s dull. Don’t take it from us. A new report from Politico called Biden’s tenure the “cardboard box” presidency, saying he promised to be boring, and he’s doing everything he can to keep that pledge. And they’re not wrong. Joe doesn’t even schmooze these peeps in D.C. And for a Democrat, that is a sin. He spends almost every weekend in Delaware. The guy just loves his basement. Presidents are supposed to excite the Washington establishment, but Joe is doing the exact opposite.


Biden ditched the Gridiron Club Dinner last week, which every president since Benjamin Harrison has attended at least once, sending his commerce secretary in his place. Quick, tell me who the commerce secretary is. Don’t know? Well, neither do most people, even in Washington. It’s Gina Raimondo, by the way, the former governor of Rhode Island. Biden doesn’t have a single big name in his Cabinet. All he has is Mayor Pete, but the country doesn’t even know who that is. 

President Biden clears his throat as he announces new steps requiring government to buy more made-in-America goods during remarks on March 4, 2022. REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein
(REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein)


But it turned out to be a good thing Biden didn’t grab a plate at that dinner, because the event became a super-spreader. Over 50 people caught COVID. And if the press is bored now, just wait. Eventually, Biden is going to catch COVID, it’s bound to happen and you’ll never see Biden or another party again. 


Sally Quinn, the queen of the Washington social scene, complained: “You didn’t have the president, you didn’t have the vice president, you didn’t have the secretary of state, you didn’t have the secretary of defense, you didn’t have the treasury secretary. And you had two Republicans … ” — Quinn saying of the dinner. None of those people saw a reason to be there. It’s over. It’s over. Biden sucked the energy out of Washington, just like the rest of the country. The Washington elite is whining. They’re stuck with our grandpa-in-chief. 

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