Hannity blasts 'media mob' for 'refusing to report' on Hunter Biden laptop

Hannity blasts ‘media mob’ for ‘refusing to report’ on Hunter Biden laptop

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Fox News host Sean Hannity proclaimed on “Hannity” that media malpractice is at an all-time high in light of several outlets authenticating some materials on the Hunter Biden laptop and recent revelations in the ongoing investigation of the president’s son.

SEAN HANNITY: Tonight we just learned and we now know, that Biden wrote a second letter of recommendation for the other child of Hunter’s Chinese business partner, this time to Georgetown University… Now, Hunter also acknowledged in 2019 and The New Yorker that he and his dad once discussed Hunter’s job on the board of Burisma Holdings. So who’s telling the truth? As vice president, Joe was also introduced to at least one of Hunter’s business partners during their six-day trip together through Asia on Air Force Two. That’s when he met with President Xi. And meanwhile, in text messages retrieved from Zero Experience Hunter’s laptop from hell, while Hunter Biden complained that he had to fork over half of his earnings to quote Pop. 

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Could you just imagine for a second if this was President Trump and one of his kids, the media hysteria would be unlike anything we have ever seen. But during the 2020 election, the media mob, they refused to report on any of this damning material. In fact, they called the laptop ‘Russian disinformation.’ Remember, this laptop came out two weeks before the election. And remember Big Tech, Twitter, Facebook… They absolutely banned anybody from even sharing the information to decide for themselves…Now that the election is safely in the rearview mirror, the laptop, all of a sudden is now being validated by multiple outlets. Why did that happen at this time? Could it be that they knew the grand jury was asking really important, serious, significant questions and that they would be exposed as the frauds they are? I don’t know. Call me cynical. Don’t expect them to correct the record in any way. Don’t expect an apology. That likely won’t happen. Has anyone ever corrected the record on all the Russia collusion lies? Have they corrected the record about all the slander against Donald Trump and his family? Now they know they buried the scandal. They know they wanted to help get Joe Biden elected, and they’re not sorry about it, and they’re not going to act sorry about it.

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