BTS, fans taking Las Vegas by storm ahead of sold-out Allegiant concerts

BTS, fans taking Las Vegas by storm ahead of sold-out Allegiant concerts

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Smooth like butter, and pulling Las Vegas in like no other, K-POP group BTS will perform their first of four sold-out concerts at Allegiant Stadium Friday night.

Many people lined up to buy exclusive gear for the concert on Thursday, with many fans lining up before sunrise.

“You never know or expect what’s going to happen with BTS with their music or what they produce,” said Pittsburg fan Julia Moldovan. “I’ve been waiting for this blanket forever, and I finally got it because it sells out super quickly, I also got a hoodie.”

Moldovan and her friends rushed to Allegiant Stadium for official merchandise sales at 2 a.m. Thursday, along with thousands of other fans.

“BTS fans are collectors. We like to collect items like t-shirts and jackets, especially exclusive items,” said Las Vegas fan Melody Lee.

Lee is part of the local BTS Army, and told 8 News Now she will be hitting all the themed pop-up spots on and off the Strip over the course of several days.

“I went to the photo exhibit, which was fantastic, which was a museum from their concerts,” Lee said. “I also went to the pop-up shop, which was amazing and interactive.”

Fans have been spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on merchandise on top of concert, hotel, and travel expenses, which they said is all worth it.

“Honestly, having the time of your life is what they want from you, and just go out there and make the most of what you can do,” said Colorado fan Lumi Lewis.

Las Vegas will be welcoming BTS and their army of fans with a citywide marquee takeover and lighting up Strip properties purple Thursday night.

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