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Biden’s gaffe concerning Putin | LETTER

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In his Monday letter to the editor, Walter Wegst asks why it is politically incorrect for President Joe Biden to call for the ouster of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He states that he doesn’t understand the uproar over the comment. I think it is a great question, and it deserves an answer because many people out there wonder the same thing.

The answer is that Mr. Biden continues to hold back planes to assist Ukraine because he fears that this action would escalate the war and potentially ignite World War III with a country that has nuclear weapons. When Mr. Biden went off script and said what most of us feel about Putin, it was another verbal gaffe and mistake. If the president is as concerned as he keeps saying he is about not escalating the war through his actions, he must understand that his words matter as much as his actions do. Putin could most certainly use them to his advantage.

That Mr. Biden is unable to understand this or is incapable of controlling what he says when the teleprompter stops should give every American pause and concern.

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