Watters asks if Hunter will be saved from investigation 'like he always is'

Watters asks if Hunter will be saved from investigation ‘like he always is’

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Fox News host Jesse Watters shared the latest developments from the federal investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings, saying it’s “heating up” Tuesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

JESSE WATTERS: Not only are sources telling “Primetime” that the first son, Hunter Biden, is on the verge of being indicted, but it looks like the U.S. attorney in Delaware could be looking at President Joe Biden himself. Yesterday during a grand jury testimony over Hunter’s finances, a witness was asked to identify the “big guy.” This came after an email from Hunter’s business partner, James Gilliar, was put into the record. The email showed a breakdown of the China deal and who was going to get a piece of the pie, saying, “Ten held by H for the big guy.” Who’s the big guy? Well, a bunch of emails on Hunter’s laptop suggest the “big guy” was Joe Biden.


We know Hunter’s business partners. We’re told not to call Joe by name. They wanted to keep Joe’s role private. Hunter’s partner confirmed it when he texted Bobulinski, “Don’t mention Joe being involved. It’s only when you are face-to-face. I know you know that, but they are paranoid.” So instead, Joe went by the “big guy” to try to cover up his whole role in all of this. But the grand jury is asking questions that lead right to the Oval Office. The media’s whole containment operation can’t contain a grand jury, but the press is trying their best anyway.

Joe and Hunter Biden. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

We have emails from the laptop showing Hunter’s business partners paid Biden’s bills and that Hunter and Joe shared joint bank accounts. The media and the White House can’t contain this much longer. Hunter is actually throwing a wedding for his daughter at the White House in November, right after the midterms. Maybe Hunter isn’t scared at all. Maybe he knows he’ll be saved again like he always is. So if this investigation doesn’t lead straight to the White House, it’ll just prove that corruption is king in Washington, D.C.

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