Newt Gingrich reveals Biden's 'hypocrisy' on Vladimir Putin

Newt Gingrich reveals Biden’s ‘hypocrisy’ on Vladimir Putin

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called out the “hypocrisy” in the Biden White House and told Sean Hannity several actions America can take to further disable Putin. 

NEWT GINGRICH: There’s such total hypocrisy in the Biden White House where they say strong things about Putin. You know, he’s a war criminal. He’s a murderer. He ought to be tried for war crimes. But at the same time, the number one person negotiating with Iran is a Russian, and their goal is to get us to agree to give up all of the sanctions as it relates to Iran. 

And if the U.S. Congress would step up and say, no, we’re serious about sanctioning Russia, we’re not going to give them a loophole that would be a very powerful signal. And lastly … Where are the jets? Where are the tanks? Where were the anti-ship missiles? I mean, why are we allowing Ukrainians to die while our bureaucrats and politicians just keep talking. I think as an American, it’s a humiliating experience and an embarrassment to us as a country. 


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