More Las Vegas residents moving to Pahrump as home prices continue to increase

More Las Vegas residents moving to Pahrump as home prices continue to increase

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As home prices continue to rise, some prospective homebuyers are looking in Pahrump for the option to continue living in Southern Nevada for a bit less money.

Pahrump is a town in Nye County about 60 miles west of Las Vegas, and seems like it may be offering homebuyers a bigger house or property for their money.

Lee Moore left Las Vegas with his six kids and fiancée to search for a more affordable home, and told 8 News Now that after looking in Las Vegas for months, he bought a home in Pahrump for a little more than $300,000 in March.

“In Pahrump you can get a bigger lot, bigger property for less,” Moore said. “I just wanted something that was going to be suitable for my fiancée and my family and we did just that.”

Pahrump realtor Leanna Murphy-Degoede said she’s been noticing the growing trend of people moving from Las Vegas.

“It’s almost like California is moving to Vegas, and Vegas is moving to Pahrump,” she said. “I’m seeing all of it, some are retiring, some commuting, some families just starting out, we’re seeing everything.”

So far, Murphy-Degoede has sold 23 homes in Pahrump. She said the average price in the area is around $315,000.

“In the $300,000 or $400,000 price range, you’re going to have a home site built in one of the communities we have out here, but you have options, you can have an acre or half acre.”

A single story nearly 2,100 square foot home on a third of an acre is $489,000 brand new in the area.

She said Pahrump has more to offer than many think, including master-planned communities.

Moore said he still commutes to Las Vegas for work, and that the drive is worth it for his home.

“The prices out here are still affordable,” Moore continued.

Murphy Degoede said that those considering moving to Pahrump should contact a Pahrump agent who knows the area, and that despite the competitive market in Pahrump, she has not seen as many cash offers as there are in Las Vegas, making it easier to buy for first-time homebuyers.

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