Police: Gerald Gilrane, 21, arrested after shooting himself in the hand while manufacturing ghost guns in Massapequa home

Police: Gerald Gilrane, 21, arrested after shooting himself in the hand while manufacturing ghost guns in Massapequa home

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MINEOLA, N.Y. – A 21-year-old Long Island man living with his parents is accused of building 3D ghost guns. 

They were called to their Massapequa house Saturday. 

As CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reports, police say he shot himself cleaning one of his homemade guns. 

The house on Phillips Road in Massapequa fits right in: An American flag, Easter decor. But inside, Nassau Police say it wasn’t your typical suburban home. They were called there Saturday by a mother after 21-year-old son Gerald Gilrane shot himself through the hand. 

“They recovered a 9mm semiautomatic 3D ghost gun. This is your ghost gun. The bottom part is made through 3D machines,. That’s plastic. The top part you buy through the mail with no serial number,” said Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder. 

Nassau Police displayed weapons and parts found in the house, including an assault rifle they say was made with two 3D printers, plastic gun handles, clips and frames coupled with metal parts bought online, illegal and untraceable. 

“Making out of plastic. And then they can ship this. It’s undetectable when you go through the airport,” Ryder said. 

Gilrane is free on bail. There was no comment from people leaving the home. 

In court papers, Gilrane allegedly told police “I bought a 3D printer, and I saw online that people were doing, and I thought it would be cool.” 

Police say this is not kid stuff, charging him with weapons manufacturing and possession. They also confiscated $3,000 in cash, a money counting machine and other weapons. 

Shaken neighbors recall in February a local dentist was charged with assembling ghost guns

“The 3D printer thing, I don’t even understand how you can do that legal, buy the equipment to do it. Let’s put it that way,” said Massapequa resident Toni Owen. 

In Nassau County, in one year ghost gun arrests have risen from four to 30. Critics say laws need to close loopholes. 

“We need to really examine where these parts come from, and how we can regulate. But again, I think the biggest problem is the general feeling of lawlessness throughout New York state,” said Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman. 

Gilrane’s attorney released this statement: 

Gerald is a well regarded 21-year-old young man who has never been arrested or charged before this incident.

To be clear these allegations, of which he has entered a plea of not guilty, occurred inside the family home and never endangered the public whatsoever.

We will now turn our attention to dealing with this matter through the court system.

Police say Gilrane has no legal gun permit. 

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