'Hannity' on Hunter Biden, Dr. Oz's firing

‘Hannity’ on Hunter Biden, Dr. Oz’s firing

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Tonight, again, we begin with a FOX News alert. Tonight, after refusing to resign, the White House, Joe Biden officially fired Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker from the president’s council on sports fitness and nutrition for reasons that have zero to do with sports, nutrition or fitness. It has everything to do with politics. Dr. Oz responds to Joe Biden and will tell us why he refused to resign, and we’ll talk more about this political hit job, coming up.

Also, tonight, breaking, Chris Rock, he just addressed the slap seen around the world for the very first time since the Academy Awards. We have a FOX reporter inside the event. We’ll tell you what he said, straight ahead.

But first, new evidence tonight that we, you, the American people, all of us, we were all lied to. We were lied to by the mob and the media. We were lied to by big tech. We were lied to repeatedly by the Democratic Party. We were lied to by Joe Biden and the Biden family. We were lied to by our federal government, and all of it was an effort to elect Joe Biden and defeat Donald Trump.

Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell in fact was very real, and the report from “The New York Post” about that laptop two weeks before the election in 2020, it was accurate and it was true. Now, Hunter’s father, remember the big guy according to the emails in that laptop, is implicated in his son’s shady international business deals and now, both “The Washington Post,” “The New York Times”, all of a sudden, verify this information.

Of course, there’s no mystery here, this is a major, massive CYA. According to “The Wall Street Journal”, the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden is heating up and he could soon face serious criminal charges. So they say, uh-oh, we might be caught covering up for the Bidens again. We better act like we reported on this story. It won’t work. In a moment, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane. We’ll review the biggest lies from America’s trusted institutions.

But, first, let’s take a moment to recap what they’re lying about. Now, we begin with a little background on Joe Biden’s adult son Hunter Biden. Hunter obviously deeply troubled man. He has struggled with a severe and often debilitating addiction to crack cocaine and prostitutes. He was even discharged from the U.S. military because of his drug problem and because of his lifestyle.

Well, his resume and background are anything but pristine. Yet for years, zero experienced Hunter and shady business associates garnered lucrative payouts from foreign nationals all over the world. For example, Hunter received a whopping $3.5 million dollar wire transfer from a Russian oligarch, the former first lady of Moscow. He also got $5 million from a state-backed Chinese company, part of a multi-billion dollar deal with the Bank of China. Another hundred thousand dollars plus for an international shopping spree, compliments of a prominent Chinese national. Why doesn’t that happen to any of you?

And on top of the $1.5 billion deal with the Bank of China, that’s a lot of money. Plus, he also got another 100 grand plus from a Kazakhstan oligarch earmarked for a brand new sports car. What a life he has.

And let’s not forget, the $1.5 million that he received sitting on the board of Burisma holdings, a massive Ukrainian oil and gas conglomerate with ties to a Russian oligarch. Now, his company made millions in that case. Hunter had zero experience in energy, oil, gas, and no experience with Ukraine. And he had zero experience with investing abroad at also and still these shady foreign nationals, China, Russia, eastern Ukraine, eastern Europe, all making Hunter Biden the Biden family syndicate extremely rich.

And by the way, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Stop for one second and pause and ask yourself, what if Hunter’s name was Trump? Anyway, so why were these wealthy foreigners sending a prostitute-loving crackhead, why were they giving him so much money? Because his dad was a prominent senator, remember, turned vice president. A lot of this happened when Joe was vice president and the world knew that Joe had presidential aspirations.

Now, they were paying for access to the highest levels of our government and it appears they got it. Hunter even admitted this obvious factor in an interview with “GMA” which was an unmitigated disaster. And let’s not forget, as Vice President Biden withheld that billion taxpayer dollars in loan guarantees from Ukraine you’re not getting the billion until you fire that prosecutor.

Think about this, vice president of our country saying fire a prosecutor or you’re not getting the money and you have six hours and son of a B they did it? They fired the prosecutor. Turns out that prosecutor was investigating zero experienced Hunter and the company we was in business with Burisma, for corruption.

In other words, there really was a quid pro quo in Ukraine. It was with Joe, and even bragged about it on camera. But according to Joe, he never, ever, one time, never, ever, ever, ever, ever spoke with his son about his business deals ever. Just never came up.

Take a look.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Mr. Vice President, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings?

JOE BIDEN, THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I’ve never spoken my son about his overseas business.

I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. And what I will do is the same thing we did in our administration, there will be an absolute wall between personal and private and the government.

REPORTER: Do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your son’s overseas business?

BIDEN: Yes, I stand by that statement.


HANNITY: We all now know that is a flat out lie. We have evidence to prove it.

And not only did Joe know about his son’s business partners, he actually met with him. Now here’s Joe and Hunter they’re pictured with Hunter’s favorite, Kazakhstan oligarch. And here’s Joe with Hunter’s Mexican business associates.

But it gets worse while then Vice President Joe Biden met with Hunter’s partners, Hunter, well, he was paying daddy’s bills. And according to emails and text messages on the laptop from hell, Hunter acted like a bag man for the entire Biden family syndicate raking in cash paying off all the bills.

Clearly, this raises massive concerns about whether or not your president the president of the United States Joe Biden was compromised. Now, oh, the media mob, weren’t they interested if there was any Trump-Russia collusion that turned out to be a big conspiracy theory lie, why aren’t they interested in this?

Now, those with Trump derangement syndrome, they didn’t care. They were so desperate to beat Donald Trump. They did their very best to cover all of it up.

In October 2020, social media giant Twitter, remember this, they locked the New York post out of their own account for daring to publish the very true laptop story. Now, Twitter users, they were also blocked from sharing the report, even in private messages. Facebook, they censored the report as well.

And two weeks before the election, more than 50 former U.S. intel officials they signed a letter calling the laptop story Russian disinformation. They had no reason to call it that. They were all lying and protecting Joe.

And meanwhile, NPR, you helped pay for that, announced that they wouldn’t waste their time on the Hunter Biden report because it wasn’t really a story. If it was Donald Trump’s sons, it would be a story.

One “New York Times” article referring to the report as farcical Russian disinformation “Washington Post” also suggested without evidence, it was part of some foreign election disinformation scheme. Where’s their proof? Where’s their evidence?

Now, none of these media outlets ever lifted a finger to verify the laptop until now. A new report in “The Washington Post” details what we’ve been telling you now for nearly two years on this program, and that is zero experience Hunter Biden got paid millions of dollars from Chinese nationals in return for next to nothing with no expertise, other than a connection to his vice president father at the time.

And here now with more are the senators, they are behind the key report detailing Hunter’s shady finances, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, along with Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

Gentlemen, great to see you both.

I’ll start with you, Senator Johnson. If you can explain, you know, what we now know — is there anything in my monologue that you heard that is not true? And what else are you learning as you dig deeper into your investigation?

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): No, Sean, you laid it all out, and, of course, we’ve known this. Those of us that had inquiring minds, we’ve known this for, you know, close to two years now. It was obvious Hunter’s laptop was authentic as soon as we started seeing the information from it, but the media has been complicit.

Here’s a few more details, Hunter Biden knew exactly who he was dealing with. You know, he called Patrick Ho the spy chief of China. He knew that Devon Archer was involved in a — you know, he was eventually — we proved that he was involved in a fraud against Indian tribes. He was convicted of that.

Devon Archer met with Joe Biden in the White House in April 2014, right around the exact same time within a couple days when Devon Archer became a board member of Burisma. A few weeks later, Hunter Biden became a board member.

So this is an enormous tangled web of — you know, a vast web of the financial foreign entanglements, and we’ve known this all along. And as Tony Bobulinski said, Joe Biden is compromised. I think it’s pretty obvious he has to be. He cancels Nord Strom pipeline, he cancels the Chinese initiative, which is the DOJ investigations into universities of Chinese stealing our intellectual property. So this is incredibly dirty.

But the mainstream media has been complicit. They’ve been covering it up. And what “The Washington Post” learned from its Nixon coverage is when you when you’ve been caught covering things up, you do a modified limited hangout.

That’s exactly what “The Washington Post” did. They’re not revealing all the information. This is minimal information for the American public. They’re just covering their you-know-whats.

HANNITY: You know, Senator Grassley, in your report in November 2020, which we covered extensively, you pointed out over the course of your investigation into how Hunter Biden would use his father’s position and name to enrich himself and his father, and the fact that in these emails from this laptop, we now can confirm that Joe Biden benefited financially from it.

Also, Joe Biden lied to the American people when he said he never had discussions with Hunter about his foreign business dealings. You tell me, Senator, this is not our first rodeo on issues like this. That sounds like pay-to-play corruption to me.

SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY (R-IA): Well, we have bank records that back up everything that is in the laptop and they very clearly show that there was these bank records that tie Hunter Biden directly with people in China, business people in China that are directly connected with the Chinese communist party and the government, and to some extent maybe the military and the intelligence service. So there’s no doubt about it.

But the really sad thing is the media should have been doing their job in August of 2019 when I started this investigation. And instead, what they were doing was peddling the information that the Democrats were putting out is that we were peddling Russian disinformation. And now we know it’s the Democrats and the media that was backing them up were the ones peddling the Russian disinformation.

HANNITY: And could you imagine, Senator Johnson, if the last name of Hunter happened to be Trump?

In your report, as you have gone forward and what you said earlier this week, is that you discovered — you and Senator Grassley, that money from the CEFC, which is effectively an arm of the Chinese government, was — went directly to Hunter Biden.

Now, there’s a shopping spree involved. There’s five million dollars involved.

A billion five deal with the Bank of China. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t go to Goldman Sachs or Deutsche Bank or JPMorgan Chase and a real company, because I don’t see any experience he had. But these have ties directly to the communist Chinese government, does it not, and military?

JOHNSON: Yeah, absolutely. And remember, Ye Jianming the chairman of the CEFC, he just went missing. You know, CEFC, it’s a multi-billion dollar oil and gas company just kind of goes poof. That doesn’t happen with a legitimate company. That’s a company that’s controlled by the communist Chinese party.

And let’s face it just, you know, five million, a million, three and a half million, four million dollars from Burisma, we’re up already over $30 million for what? What qualified Hunter Biden from getting all that money for Biden Inc? His name, he was influence-peddling. This is the sleaziest thing that I’ve seen certainly in politics.

And, you know, I want to really thank Senator Grassley for his tenaciousness in helping me investigate this. We’ve been a pretty good team.

By the way, Sean, we both have tough re-elections. We need a lot of help from your audience. I’m RonJohnsonSenate.com, Chuck is GrassleyWorks.com, and he does work hard.

HANNITY: All right.

JOHNSON: If you want to get the all this stuff exposed, we need some help.

HANNITY: Senator Grassley, this is the main question, Joe Biden lied when he said he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings. Now, we know that’s a lie.

Now, the question is, as it relates to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and China, is it possible we have a president of the United States that is compromised, that they have personal information, potentially blackmail information about Hunter Biden, former crack addict, a guy that frequented prostitutes and that might compromise his ability to deal with these countries? Is that a fair question, Senator?

GRASSLEY: It is a fair question and at this point, it’s a question with me, but every American ought to keep it back is this mine as particularly as our government is dealing with the Chinese government, our number one competitor in the world and a number two economy in the world. And I think it’s legitimate to raise that question.

I wish I could say absolutely yes, but for somebody to say that over the years that eight years of being vice president and also then being out of office but still having the Biden name and the prestige of that, that you never talk this with your family — that’s just like my son and I are in farming. We talk about farming all the time.

HANNITY: Exactly.

Same question, Senator Johnson. Is it — now we learned that Libya had a dossier and they knew all about Hunter Biden’s issues, let’s put it, I’m being kind. Isn’t it likely the communist Chinese and the Russians and the Ukrainians and all these other countries have a dossier of dirt on Joe, Hunter Biden and the rest of the family syndicate? Because I would say that puts them in a position of potential blackmail, is that right?

JOHNSON: Yeah, Sean, we may not know all the details. But I tell you who does, Russian intelligence, Chinese intelligence, Iranian intelligence, North Korean intelligence.

You know, my guess there are elements within our intelligence department — our intelligence community that know as well. They’re just not going to tell us. They’re not going to tell the American public because there’s corruption in the deep state.

Chuck and I, we asked for information from Gina Haspel. She wouldn’t even return our phone call to tell us why she wouldn’t respond to our legitimate oversight request.

So it’s a very deep state. It’s pervasive. It’s com — it’s filled with liberal leftists, and that’s one of our big problems in the country today.

HANNITY: Well, if that’s true, then that means we have as a country a — potentially, a compromised president, potentially, his family subject to blackmail of some kind, or they have some leverage that they hold over them.

Senator Johnson, Senator Grassley, thank you both for being courageous, and I’m supporting both of you and your campaigns.

And tonight, keep in mind, the left really wants you to separate Joe and Hunter and believe that Joe had nothing to do with the son’s shady business deals. Now, at the same time they’re demanding that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas resign over text messages that his wife Ginni sent Mark Meadows about election integrity.

Now, of course, Justice Thomas’s wife is allowed to have her own opinions and text whoever she wants. Clearly, Democrats are so desperate to keep their sham January committee going and now this is starting to be very familiar and similar to what Democrats did to Clarence Thomas. In case you don’t remember, you might recall this during his nomination.


CLARENCE THOMAS, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE: This is a circus. It’s a national disgrace. And from my standpoint, as a black American, as far as I’m concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves. And unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree.


HANNITY: Now, if in fact, that’s their standard that — you know, what the Thomas is, it has to be applied to Joe and Hunter, wouldn’t it? Get in line or you get smeared, slandered, besmirched and the Democrats motto it’s been their model for some time.

But keep this in mind, according to Kash Patel, Mark Meadows and Donald Trump himself all on this program, the former president authorized as the law requires, up to 20,000 National Guard troops to protect the capitol, knowing big crowds would be there on January 6. He did this on January 4th.

Then it becomes the domain of Nancy Pelosi. It’s her job. It’s her charge to protect the Capitol, and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. They refused to call those guard troops up. So where’s the committee bringing in Nancy or Bowser or the sergeant-at-arms or the Capitol police chief who was begging before, during and after for the guard troops to be off be brought in that Trump authorized? What are the Democrats hiding? What’s their real agenda?

Joining us now, former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, FOX News contributor Lara Trump.

Reince, we start with you tonight. Your thoughts?

REINCE PRIEBUS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: Well, first of all, you dissected it perfectly Johnson and Grassley as well. Number one, you know, one of the first things you learn in law school is the concept of articulable suspicion which is if hearing the facts that Biden met with Hunter’s business partners, they discussed business, they shared bank accounts Biden Hunter, knowing that, would a reasonable person believe that a law regulation could have been violated? I think the answer is yes.

As far as Ginni Thompson’s concern, number one, she’s not the justice. Number two, she’s not party to any lawsuit pending in front of the Supreme Court. The spouses can’t be held responsible for their own political views.

And of all the circus hearings that we’ve heard in Washington, D.C., do you ever remember any justice being questioned, hey, what’s your spouse’s view on abortion? What do you think about election reform? What does your spouse think about Donald Trump? Of course not.

But look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She’s the one that went to every pro- abortion dinner in town. She never recused herself on pro-life cases. And by the way, reminder, in 2016, Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that she couldn’t think of a world where Donald Trump would be president and in fact she said that she would move to New Zealand if Donald Trump was elected president.

Did you think she recused herself from lawsuits that involved Donald Trump or any executive order of Donald Trump’s pending before the Supreme Court? No. You know, this is the hypocrisy of the left.

HANNITY: Lara, I look at the double standard. And look, Ginni Thomas sent out a text, Hunter Biden made millions and millions and millions of dollars. Joe lied about knowledge of these foreign business deals. There is no comparison but the same standards not being applied as it relates to Joe and Hunter.

And if Hunter’s last name happened to be Trump, like yours is, that would be an even bigger problem, wouldn’t it?

LARA TRUMP, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Oh, I couldn’t even imagine, I couldn’t begin to imagine, Sean, what would happen, if his last name was Trump. I mean, I think we all know it would be a very different situation.

But I think we need to take a step back and look at this January 6th Committee and be very clear about what this is because this is basically the last ditch attempt for the Democrats. This is like their Hail Mary at this point and Ginni Thomas makes that incredibly clear.

The Democrats have utterly failed the American people. It is because of their policies and because of their leadership and that’s a very generous term to apply to them that Americans are now poorer, that our country is weaker, that by every single metric our country has gone in the wrong direction. So they’re pulling out all the stops. They’re doing everything they can and now in their crosshairs is Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife.

And don’t forget, these are probably the same folks who about a week ago, the real tolerant folks on the left were hoping for Clarence Thomas’s death on Twitter when he was in the hospital. So, now, they’re honed in on this and they’re trying to suggest that a spouse’s opinion as Reince just said somehow is going to get in the way of Justice Thomas doing his job.

Last time I checked, we lived in the United States of America, Sean, and in America, you are entitled to your own opinions. And just because you have one opinion doesn’t mean your spouse shares that the same opinion, but it’s America and they can if they want. It doesn’t inhibit —


HANNITY: You and Eric —

L. TRUMP: Doing their job, but as you just suggested, Sean, what —


HANNITY: You and Eric don’t agree on everything?

L. TRUMP: Attention to here — well, not, I mean, everything of course with Eric Trump, yes, we do.

But you can’t apply this same standard because if they did apply the same standard, then we look at Hunter Biden’s laptop, those weren’t just opinions on there, Sean.


L. TRUMP: Those were cold hard facts and it shows a very clear conflict of interest for the president of the United States, John Biden. So by their own standard, Sean, Joe Biden should be resigning as soon as possible.

HANNITY: And it had an impact on the 2020 race and if it was Trump, they would have gone full bore, 24/7. Not Biden, he was in the candidate protection program.

All right. Lara, thank you. Reince, thank you.

Coming up, Joe Biden has officially fired Dr. Oz. He will join us next with the latest.

Later, the academy has now announced that Will Smith was asked to leave the Oscars on Sunday, he said, hell no, and he refused. We got the details.

And Chris Rock just hit the stage in Boston tonight. His first show since the slap heard around the world. Well, we have a reporter in that event, at that event, and we’re going to tell you what he said, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. More petty politics from Joe Biden tonight, officially kicking Dr. Oz off the president’s council on sports, fitness, nutrition. Also, Herschel Walker. In other words, they were fired, with the White House trying to claim this decision had no partisan motivation whatsoever.

In a letter to Dr. Oz, the White House said it is customary to replace members of key boards adding that the appointment was terminated on March 23rd. How nice of them to tell them.

Anyway, of course, Joey, Dr. Joey should be firing Dr. doom and gloom, the guy that’s gotten everything wrong. That guy flip-flopped Fauci, who is now claiming without citing any evidence that lockdowns worked. He needs to read the John Hopkins study on that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’m interested in your reluctance to use the word lockdown. Do you think two years on that they were worth it or were they too severe?

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: You know, I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to determine what the right balance is. I think the restrictions — if you want to use that word which I tend to shy away from, lockdown — they certainly prevented a lot of infections, prevented a lot of hospitalizations, and prevented a lot of deaths. There’s no doubt about that.


HANNITY: Well, tell that to Johns Hopkins.

Here with reaction, Pennsylvania Senate candidate, what I’m supporting as a strong America First conservative, Dr. Oz, is with us.

First, you refused to quit. They asked you to resign. You said no. They now fired you, and Herschel Walker as well. Your reaction?

DR. MEHMET OZ (D-PA), SENATORIA CANDIDATE: I mean, it’s remarkable the Biden administration in fact Biden can’t even fire people as well as Trump. They gave me three different explanations.

First, they say it’s the Hatch Act. Well, I’m not employed by the government. I was volunteering my time for the council that President Trump had appointed me to. Then they said it was an administrative process, that there’s a policy they have in the administration. And finally, they say they want to make room for somebody else.

But the reality is that they just want to have people who think the way they think. If you want to see the letter, go to droz.com, we’ve got all of the information there. Make your own decision.

But it’s shocking to me that this is a priority for Joe Biden. We got a war raging in the Ukraine. We’ve got energy prices which are through the roof, and he’s worried about firing Herschel and me.

But here’s the thing, we decided with Herschel because we’re teammates, we’re going to go after this when we’re in the Senate. We want to take out these politically motivated firings. They don’t help the country. I think Herschel and I were major contributors to this group.

And I got to say something else, the president’s council which meant all the time under President Trump, Ivanka Trump actually was in charge of it, has not met — as we have not been called together since the Biden administration started, which is shocking because we were in a pandemic. We could have used the council’s help.

HANNITY: Okay. Now, let me go to the issue of COVID. I saw Biden on TV today getting his second booster shot. Fine, dude, he wants whatever his doctor tells him. I advise people to listen to their doctor, because I’m not one and I’m not going to play one on radio and none of us know anybody’s condition.

Here’s what’s interesting to me though — fully vaccinated people, fully vaccinated boostered people, fully vaccinated boostered people with previous infections are still getting COVID. I know that Jen Psaki is still out. She has COVID now for the second time and had all those things done.

So that means you can still infect people and you can still contract the virus. Why don’t they make enough monoclonal antibodies, which they ran out of, where there’s no excuse whatsoever over Christmas, like they ran out of COVID tests?

OZ: Well, you and I were up late at nights triaging sick friends trying to find antibiotic cocktails. They were actually politically moved from state to state, which is even more reprehensible.

Here’s the bottom line, we have group think going on in public health in America. They have truly adopted vaccination as their only policy. I don’t mind prevention of disease. I’ve always talked about that on my show, my whole career has been about prevention.

But even if you give people cholesterol medications or blood pressure medications, they have heart attacks sometimes. So you got to treat the heart attack. They’re not willing to treat people actually get COVID.

Now, the vaccinations do reduce severe disease in most people, but you’re still going to have with this new omicron variant continuous spread is 80 percent more contagious, you have to treat disease. We don’t have the antibody cocktails because the government’s not backstopping production by companies, and we don’t have the pills yet, Sean.

How is it possible to hear two more than two years later, I as a physician cannot prescribe you as a patient and medication that we knew of him before COVID would work as an antiviral to help you, and you can’t go to the drug store and pick it up because they haven’t made the pills inadequate quantity. It’s just gross incompetence.

HANNITY: Last question, I see that NATO has two big problems. They don’t have the urgency to arm Ukraine to the degree they need to be and number two, they’re creating a task force to find alternative sources to Putin’s oil and gas. You’re in Pennsylvania, and you met with some of the biggest names in fracking.

How fast are they telling you they could get that energy over to Europe to help our allies if they got the go ahead?

OZ: Well, it’s still a while. However, we had to come to — the energy summit here in Pittsburgh. The father of fracking, Harold Hamm, was here. He’s endorsing me. Rick Perry, energy secretary under President Trump, Governor of Texas for 14 years, also endorsing me.

They were here with Toby Rice, biggest producer here of natural gas, and all of them say the same thing. They feel they’re completely hamstrung because the federal lands have been taken away from them. That’s an executive order the Biden is still not reversed and they’re not allowed to build pipelines. So they’ll get the gas out of the ground, they can do it expeditiously if they get the permits and most of the permits — although they claim their many — are not accessible to any driller.

So give us the permits, expedite pipelines and we will rapidly ship these to the coast. Right now, I’ve got to go to the gulf coast because that’s where the LNG facilities are. But long term, the way for us to avoid global poverty, provide global security and be energy dominant at home, as well as to help our workers here not just in Pennsylvania but across this part of the country is to allow us to drill for natural gas. It also is the most environmentally friendly thing to do.

I tell you, we had hundreds and hundreds of people at this summit, they are worked up. They are angry because they know they can help our country. They can be patriots and make not just our country but the Ukraine safe, as well as our allies. We’re not letting them do it.

Joe Biden, come on. Just at least read the signs here.

HANNITY: You know, that’s why I’m supporting you as a strong America first conservative in your race. I wish you the best. Dr. Oz, thank you.

Coming up, breaking tonight, the Academy just announced that they did ask Will Smith to leave the Oscars after he slapped Chris Rock, but he refused. And Chris Rock has now just broken his silence in an event tonight in Boston, doing a stand-up. We’ll tell you what he said. Leo 2.0 and Larry Elder, next.


HANNITY: All right. Chris Rock was spotted tonight outside Boston following the slap heard around the world as the comedian is performing at the Wilbur Theatre tonight. He got a three minute long standing ovation when he walked on stage. He asked the crowd, “How was your weekend” and said, “I had a whole list of joke before this week happened,” and added that I’m still kind of processing what happened.

Now, it comes as the academy now is saying that Smith did in fact refused to leave the award show following his outburst and disciplinary proceedings, whatever the hell that means, have begun for violations to the code of conduct with the Oscars, second lowest rated ever.

Anyway now, Oscars host Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, they’re speaking about the ordeal with Schumer calling the slap “triggering,” and Sykes told this to Ellen DeGeneres earlier today. Take a look.


WANDA SYKES, OSCARS CO-HOST: I just saw Will leaving the stage, and everybody was quiet. And I’m like, what happened, what happened, everybody was like, oh, my god, oh, my god. And then Will just starts cursing, you know, from his seat, “keep your wife” — that wife’s thing, whatever.

I was like, what — is this really happening? And someone showed me on the video, yeah, he smacked Chris. For them to let him stay in that room and enjoy the rest of the show and accept his award, I was like, how gross is this? This is the wrong message, you know?

Like you assault somebody, you get escorted out the building and that’s it, you know? But for them to let him continue, I thought — I thought it was gross.


HANNITY: Here with reaction, Leo 2.0 Terrell, along with former gubernatorial candidate, radio host, founder of the Elder for America PAC, Larry Elder.

Larry, get your reaction first.

LARRY ELDER, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, we just now found out that four days before the Oscars, Jada Pinkett Smith was on TikTok talking about her bald head and how much she loves it and how she no longer feels wedded to a European look of her hair and she doesn’t, quote, give two craps about what anybody says about her baldhead because I love it. So, that might account for why Mr. Smith rolled back and laugh when the joke went out because he assumed his wife wasn’t going have a problem with it.

But, you know, Sean, I live just a few blocks away from where this took place in Hollywood. I don’t have the money to live in Santa Monica like Leo. And I got to tell you something, this is one of the most intolerant places in the world. If you don’t buy the climate change alarmism, if you don’t buy the callings of Florida law an antigay bill, if you believe that Donald Trump is a racist, Hollywood will shut you out.

I know actors, I know people that worked in Hollywood before and behind the camera and they not dare tell anybody at all that they’re conservatives.

And one more thing, quickly, Will Smith once called me an Uncle Tom in one of his rap songs, and Hollywood loves Snoop Dogg what is 20 million Twitter followers. He tweeted that Candace Owens and other black conservatives are a “coon bunch.” So, this is the open-minded, empathetic Hollywood types.

And, lastly, Alec Baldwin has now defended Will Smith. That is some character reference. What are you going to do next? Ask O.J. Simpson what he thinks? He and Alec, by the way, have a lot in common. They both kill people.

This is how this town is, full of hypocrites, as long as you love what they want to say, the left-wing agenda, they love you. You are conservative? You will be canceled. Your career will be ended.

HANNITY: Well, what would happen if you slapped Chris Rock or anybody else?

Leo, your take?

LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I tell you right now, honestly, Chris Rock’s star is on the rise and I tell you right now, Will Smith is now box office poison.

But, Sean, what bothers me is this. Now, the Academy is now claiming, they were trying — they told Will Smith to leave. Will Smith is not bigger than the industry. They could’ve escorted him out. They’re going to force them out.

And now, it’s cleanup on aisle 15. It’s great for Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer to say all these things now, but there were people who could’ve stopped this on the spot. What I find disingenuous is that now people are saying, yeah, something should’ve happened. It could have happened.

And I think it’s almost ridiculous for the Academy to take so long. Suspend the guy, expel the guy, administer discipline right now, because you blew the chance two days ago. What does it take to discipline Will Smith? Expel him? Take away the Oscars?

But show that he cannot get away with this. Right now, right now, he committed a crime. He has basically thrown his — he has basically thrown his thumb up to the Oscars and he’s daring them to do something.

Final point: I’m sick and tired of the race card being played. I’ve got news for you. There is no systemic racism here and P.S., Chris Rock is also black.

HANNITY: Chris Rock I thought handled it perfectly. And, you know, I think Will Smith is a great actor but he’s a little weird and obviously has issues. Chris needs to start joking about it. I go in — I triple, quadruple down, go all in and don’t stop and don’t ever let up. That’s my advice to Chris Rock, not that he’s ever going to listen to me.

All right. Larry, good to see you. Leo, good to see you.

Coming up, Disney now completely woke. You’re not going to believe the latest changes they’re planning. Clay Travis, Tammy Bruce, they step up to the plate, next.


HANNITY: All right. Now, more unfounded hysterical outrage from the far left. Their allies tonight over Florida’s parental rights bill and education, a law recently signed by Ron DeSantis prohibits school employees from giving classroom instructions on sexual orientation or gender identity for kids in kindergarten through third grade. That’s all.

The media mob has been purposefully lying about what’s in this bill and what’s not, and, of course, it’s now not stopping the far left rage mob for continuing to lie about the law, falsely claiming it bans the use of the word “gay.” Major companies, even like Disney, they’re continuing to amplify these lies, using the opportunity to double down on their own far left corporate agenda as the company now says they are ditching the word “boys and girls” labels from all park greetings. You can’t say, “Greetings, boys and girls,” claiming it’s about inclusion.

And get this, new leak video recordings from inside Disney purport to show this extreme agenda in action. Listen to one company executive saying that she wants half of all Disney characters to be LGBTQ or minorities by the end of the year.

Here with reaction, we have Outkick founder Clay Travis and FOX News contributor Tammy Bruce.

Tammy, it’s kindergarten through third grade and it gives the parents the rights to instill their values and their kids. It never says gay in the bill, does it?

TAMMY BRUCE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: No, it doesn’t. And this is really the equivalent, Sean, of a hoax hate crime. They describe something on the left that does not exist, and then they use it to amplify themselves, to gain political power, to increase victimhood, and to frighten their own base. And then the media amplifies it even more.

It does not exist. And then, of course, the Disney dynamic is another reflection of that, but it’s ironic here, with Disney banning the words “Boys and girls”, and they’re complaining that this bill in their imagination banned saying the word gay. The only people banning words these days like woman or boy and girl is the left.

Now, for the gay community and for every parent out there, everyone must know this has nothing to do with the agenda. For people complaining about this, you know, we’ve spent years through the civil rights movement to make sure that people knew, that Americans knew we were not after their children, thank you very much, that we were just — we’re their friends, and their neighbors, and their coworkers.

This is the homophobia of conflating something that increases parental rights with homophobia, suggesting then that in order to be pro-gay, you wouldn’t want parents to have rights to their children. This is obscene. It’s a vial. And it must not stand.

So, everyone — every parent out there, you being against this does not make you a homophobe. It makes you someone who cares about children in the future. It could be any orientation. There is nothing in here about gays or lesbians. But they gay community, the organized left, the gay activists on the left need another cause and this seems to be it.

HANNITY: Clay, you know, this is going to alienate half the country and people are just going to stop paying exorbitant fees to take their kids there. That’s what I predict.

I’m a little old-fashioned. The schools are failing our kids. How about they focus on reading, writing, math, science, and computers, and if they want to let kids opt in on these topics, how about they do that after school and the parents can enroll them for extracurricular sex education classes?

CLAY TRAVIS, OUTKICK FOUNDER: Do you know what’s interesting, Sean, is Democrats in the state of Florida agree with this deal. I’ve got three kids, there’s no reason to talk about sexuality in the school with kindergarten, first grader, second graders, or third graders. It’s nonsensical.

Ron DeSantis is right, the governor of Florida, and so are the legislatures who passed this bill. And, by the way, for generations, they have said at Disney, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls club. They haven’t decided, Sean, that that is not inclusive enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know you are not a gentleman, Sean, and certainly I am not, but I know that Tammy is certainly a lady. Boys and girls, that basically covers everybody! Did you see the story — the story that just came out?

Fox asked Disney, hey, are you going to stay committed to the idea of prince and princesses. Every story that Disney has ever made, prince and princess exist, and Disney declined comment, Sean, whether they would continue to refer to males as princes and princesses from all these young kids stories.

Remember, we are talking about the foremost children’s company in the world and they are losing their mind. Bob Chapek should be embarrassed for not standing up against this, the CEO of Disney.

HANNITY: All these kids and all these public schools are not proficient in reading, not proficient in math, not proficient in science, they are not proficient in computers. We are not doing the bases.

But we’re going to spend all our time with this woke material and Disney is going along with this? It’s not going to end well for Disney, prediction.

Thank you both.

More HANNITY, next.


HANNITY: Well, it appears that the Clinton campaign and the DNC got caught lying, paid a big fine to the FEC for lying about the payments they made to Perkins Coie. We probably have a thing or two to say about that tomorrow.

That’s all the time we have left. Thank you for being with us. You make this show possible. Please set your DVR, and never miss an episode.

In the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. Here’s Laura.

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