Clark County School Superintendent Jesus Jara. (Rachel Aston/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @rookie__rae

Jara finally gets tough with campus troublemakers | LETTER

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Let me get this straight: Jesus Jara, superintendent of the Clark County School District, now says that fighting in the schools can lead to expulsion (Wednesday Review-Journal). Really? This should have been the policy all along.

Some of Mr. Jara’s “restorative justice” policies have merit. But what is going on in the schools is utter nonsense. There should be strong disciplinary policies that all students and parents understand. There have to be consequences for the violence that is going on in the schools. If students are having problems, they and their parents should be given the resources they need for help. But there must be consequences for their actions in the classroom. There are no excuses for the physical assaults, the disrespect of teachers, bullying and damage to school property.

The current members of the school board have clearly demonstrated that they would rather bicker among themselves on social media than show effective leadership. As trustees come up for re-election, they all need to be voted out, and Mr. Jara’s contract should not be renewed. Our students deserve a learning environment free of fear and where they can learn the skills necessary to be successful.

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