Sen. Lindsey Graham urges 'security guarantees' for Ukraine when war with Russia ends

Sen. Lindsey Graham urges ‘security guarantees’ for Ukraine when war with Russia ends

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Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham blasted the Biden administration for failing to grant Zelenskyy’s call for additional help, Thursday night on ‘Hannity.’ 

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Five weeks into this war, Putin’s hold on Russia is cracking, and the Russian army is breaking. And why is that, because the Ukrainian people have fought like tigers, that’s the good news. The bad news is, five weeks into this war, they still don’t have jets that they need to take the fight to Putin, and they’re now requesting tanks. And the Biden administration is saying no. But one thing I want to tell you on this show: President Zelenskyy has asked the Western powers, France, Great Britain, the United States to guarantee the sovereignty of Ukraine, when this war comes to an end and Putin is losing control. If we get a peace agreement, Zelenskyy is asking us the United States, Great Britain and France to give security guarantees, mutual defense treaties like we have with Japan and Australia. I think we should do that.


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