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Centennial Subaru framing nears completion

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Some 70 concrete workers have poured approximately 75,000 square feet of concrete to form Las Vegas Centennial Subaru’s expansive third floor, as framing nears completion for another massive pouring of the $40 million dealership’s rear ramp.

Underground plumbing has been completed. Cox Cable and CenturyLink lines, as well as electrical power hookups, have been installed in the dealership’s carwash.

“Once the third floor is completed, you will be able to stand atop it and get an unrestricted view of the whole Las Vegas Valley,” Ascent Automotive Group Chief Operating Officer Lee Butler said. “When steel beams for the 11,000-square-foot, glass-enclosed showroom are erected in April in front of the dealership, motorists will begin to see just how massive a footprint Centennial Subaru will make in their community. All of our employees are excited and can’t wait for the grand opening.”

Southern Nevada’s newest automotive dealership, located on 5.49 acres at the corner of Centennial Center Boulevard and the U.S. Highway 95 on-/off-ramp, is scheduled to open to the public in November. The three-story, 131,879-square-foot facility will offer customers pet-friendly lounges, a dog park, water-bottle stations and a children’s play area.

The showroom will also feature outdoor-themed murals. A massive mountain-range mural will run along the rear of the dealership, visible to motorists driving by on the 95.

Ascent Automotive Group is a platform comprised of various dealerships located across America with a focus on next-level customer service and care. AAG also is the parent company of Lexus of Las Vegas and Lexus of Henderson.

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