Biden family business dealings are out of a ‘spy novel’: China expert

Biden family business dealings are out of a ‘spy novel’: China expert

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Dr. Michael Pillsbury explained to “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Thursday how, if indicted, the evidence against Hunter Biden could be enough to potentially leave President Biden at risk.

DR. MICHAEL PILLSBURY: Appearances are everything in Washington, D.C., and the appearance of two different Chinese operations with him. It’s pretty clear from today’s Washington Post. The first operation is in 2012, when the speech takes place, and Hunter is receiving at that point the money that President Trump has criticized, the $1.5 billion. That doesn’t seem to be the issue right now with the grand jury, according to The Post article. It’s the second operation that’s of concern. And that’s when somehow, Patrick Ho, this Hong Kong businessman and former attorney general in Hong Kong, he somehow gets advance notice that he’s going to be arrested, and they pay a million dollars to Hunter and his uncle to represent Patrick Ho. 

The Post found this document that Hunter is cosigned, that he has this million dollars. I accept Hunter’s a lawyer, so he can do that. But how in the world does Patrick Ho know in advance of his arrest by almost six months, that this is going to happen and you’re going to need Hunter Biden of all people? When he is arrested, the first phone call goes to Hunter’s uncle and then to Hunter. So we have this strange appearance here. There’s something out of a spy novel that over and over at least twice, perhaps more often, money changes hands — a lot of money, and then something happens that helps China fight against this China threat theory that they hate so much in our country that we’re not supposed to use the word “China threat,” according to Beijing. So Hunter seems to be there each time, but not quite enough evidence is there unless he gets indicted, and then we can all read the indictment. 


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