Gutfeld calls out media, Hollywood hypocrisy in Florida parental rights bill

Gutfeld calls out media, Hollywood hypocrisy in Florida parental rights bill

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So you want to see how powerful the media industrial complex is? Watch how they can create something out of nothing. 

And they get everyone from politicians to reporters to washed-up celebrities by buying into it blindly. 

David Copperfield has nothing on them. I refer to the parental rights bill in Florida. Even righty websites call it controversial, even though the bill is only controversial because the media lied about it. 

The bill bans instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. The only part I found controversial is the third grade part.


How about teachers of any grade staying out of your kid’s private life, you power-hungry control freaks? Now like my extra nipples, the bill seems pretty benign to me. Last thing I want to talk to a kindergartner about is gender. 

The second to last thing I want to do is talk to a kindergartner. And if anyone tried to teach me that stuff when I was that age, it would screw me up. 

I was still in the process of figuring out the anatomy of Ken — and not the doll. The bus driver.

Empty Classroom In Elementary School. 
(Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

But if this bill upsets you. That’s on you. You’re weird. Seriously, are you really that passionate about kids in kindergarten learning this stuff? That spells creepy with a capital K. 

Or maybe it’s just one big virtue signal ratcheted up by your own intellectual laziness. See, if anyone cared to read the bill, the outrage would die and they’d have to let go of the lie. 

So the media couldn’t read it. And as long as they don’t, they can say it bans the word gay. 

It’s the media’s version of Jussie Smollett hoax. And frankly, making assumptions about something you haven’t read isn’t just dumb — it could be dangerous. 

DOCTOR 1: Alrighty, sir. I didn’t get a chance to read your chart just yet, but I did hear someone in the hallway say, “We have to remove your appendix and your testicles, so let’s get those pants off, OK?” 

DOCTOR 2: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. There’s no way this chart could say that. Maybe you should read it. 

DOCTOR 1: I watch “Don Lemon Tonight,” OK? I think I know what I’m doing. 

DOCTOR 2: And what does he know about this? 

DOCTOR 1: Well, we may be doctors, but he’s on TV. Grow up. 

DOCTOR 2: Hmm. You do raise a good point. I guess I’ll prep the patient now for surgery. 

So you’ve seen “Don’t Say Gay” in the headlines because the media won. They pushed the lie knowing their peers were too lazy to check it. They were right. And what happens? You create a mental illness caused by fake news when adults redefine hysteria as entertainment. 

WANDA SYKES: We’re going to have a great night tonight, and for you people in Florida, we’re going to have a gay night. Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.

Oscars trophies.

Oscars trophies.

Wow. How edgy — chanting gay in front of a live audience filled with nothing but ultra liberal Hollywood celebs. What are you going to do next? Feed a Christian to Simba and Mufasa? How about a dance number about raising the minimum wage? 

So it turns out reading scripts is that the only time fiction comes out of actors’ mouths. They’re so pleased with themselves, like driving a Prius to their private jet. 

But that’s what happens in a delusion. You think you’re showing the world you’re the smart one when you’re anything but. 

Look at Disney, which claims Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to erase gay kids — an odd position from a company whose cruises actually go to countries where homosexuality is indeed erased, where being gay is actually banned. 

Walt Disney World. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Walt Disney World. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

I guess it’s just cheaper to virtue-signal than act on your principles. Virtue-signaling is the only thing that’s free at Disney. The magic in Magic Kingdom is how they make $10 disappear in exchange for a fountain soda. 

Then there’s actor Ron Perlman, who used to think for himself, but now he’s let Twitter run his brain. Apparently, that’s all he reads. And so here he is, going off on the bill. 

RON PERLMAN: Don’t say gay? Don’t say, as the first two words in a sentence spoken by a political leader of a state in the United States of America? Don’t say? Don’t f—— say, you f—— Nazi pig? Say. First Amendment. Read about it, then run for office. You piece of s—.

Oh, I get so hot when he gets so bothered.

So clearly that is not a healthy man. That’s someone infected with a mind virus that escaped from a Disney lab in Anaheim and spread by the mainstream media. 

But he, too, was also a victim duped by a fiction created purely to suck people like him into a maelstrom of rage and conflict. He’s what the media wants. 

The more Perlmans you get, the more money you make. You addict someone to rage and he’s going to need another fix every day. And with useful idiots like him, Disney won’t need Goofy. 

Maybe it will offset the money they lose on woke movies. Poor Perlman, he used to be in “Sons of Anarchy.” Now he’s just Son of Sam, a guy hearing untruths from his dog, Pluto, and lost the ability to interpret what’s real. 


All he understands now is free publicity. Now in case he’s watching, and I doubt it, or he wouldn’t have fallen for this crap because this show is like rehab for people hooked on misinformation.

The bill bans classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity, with children in third grade or younger, or “in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” 

That’s it. The bill doesn’t ban the word gay, nor does it ban casual discussions of topics relating to sexual orientation or gender. 

And teachers under this bill, they can’t teach about being straight either, and that’s the only group with no parades.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening commentary on the March 30, 2022, edition of “Gutfeld!”

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