Spring break: Be ready for crowds at the Las Vegas airport, officials say

Spring break: Be ready for crowds at the Las Vegas airport, officials say

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Airlines offer help for minors flying alone; always allow extra time

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Officials at Reid International Airport in Las Vegas are expecting a busy travel season for spring break, which begins April 8 for Clark County School District students.

Most of the country’s college spring breaks have already wrapped up, but school calendars vary across the nation and some breaks are still to come.

For many travelers, this will be the first trip to an airport in a while — and the first time flying alone for many.

Joe Rajchel, Public Information Administrator at Reid International Airport, advised travelers to leave plenty of extra time to deal with the unexpected. “Each airline is going to have a different policy,” Rajchel said. “It’s important to contact each individual airline to find out what to look for, or what to expect.”

Some airlines can make special accommodations for passengers who would like a little extra help.

Nicole Carriere, director of media relations for United Airlines, encouraged parents who are putting kids on a plane to fly alone to read the “Young flyers traveling alone” section on united.com. There are fees and age restrictions. United’s policy says children younger than 5 need to travel with a parent, legal guardian or someone who is at least 18 years of age or older. Contact the airline you’re using for restrictions.

Both Rajchel and Carriere emphasized the importance of leaving extra time for unexpected delays. That translates to two hours of lead time — more if you’re flying out of the country.

Carriere said people are eager to get out, and Las Vegas is the kind of destination that people didn’t get to enjoy the past couple of years.

Where are the most popular destinations for people leaving the valley?

“From Las Vegas, we’re seeing a lot of people looking to get a little bit of that sunshine, but a little bit of water next to it. So, looking for a lot of those beach destinations. Places in Florida have been very popular,” Carriere said. “Also seeing a little bit of interest in mountain destinations, so, people looking to take advantage of those last few weeks of ski season — going up to Colorado, to Wyoming, out to California just to take advantage of a little bit of fresh powder.”

She said United has 3,800 flights a day during this year’s spring break period, and crowds have returned to the airport. When you get to the airport, it’s going to feel a lot like 2019.

“We actually did a consumer survey and found that more than 70% of travelers surveyed, found that they were thinking about going somewhere they’d never been before this year,” she said. “A little more than 30% considered taking an extra splurge to really go above and beyond in a trip this year.”

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