Las Vegas grows ‘up’ | KLAS

Las Vegas grows ‘up’ | KLAS

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Las Vegas has a familiar look, mostly single-family homes and single-story businesses.
But at city hall, there’s a new effort to help the city expand by changing our skyline.

Brian Knudsen, a Las Vegas city councilman says, “our community is growing faster than we can really keep up.” “For so long, Las Vegas has been full of dirt lots. But it no longer meets the need of our community,” Knudsen continues.

Las Vegas needs more homes and Knudsen wants to encourage developers to do more with less.
Rethinking how empty lots like these can be maximized and connecting dense homes with transportation and services.

“If we go up 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 stories, you see more opportunities,” says Knudsen.

Some parts of the plan have already been approved by the council and more are on the way.
The key to the plan is incentives.
Density bonuses and making it more appealing for companies to build taller buildings.
Likely, it would involve discounts on permits and other tedious parts of construction that can cost millions.

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