Sean Hannity: Joe Biden is delusional for claiming America is better than ever

Sean Hannity: Joe Biden is delusional for claiming America is better than ever

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Sean Hannity ripped President Biden’s failures both domestically and abroad in Thursday’s opening monologue of “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Joe Biden has no idea how he would respond to a chemical attack. Now he and NATO better figure that out fast, considering they’re the ones that keep telling us this can happen. The world needs strong, decisive, clear-minded strength and leadership, especially from the United States, but it’s not going to come from that guy because Biden is sadly unwilling, mentally unable to provide that kind of leadership. 

Ask yourself, could Biden’s presidency – could it get any worse? The economy in this country is awful. We are absolutely headed towards inflation, a recession. Inflation is at a 40-year high, Joe. Gas prices are at record-high prices. It’s killing the poor and the middle class, and every American pays more for every item they buy in every store. Thanks a lot. It’s costing everybody a hundred bucks plus to fill up their gas tank. It’s costing more to heat and cool our homes. A nationwide food shortage now … looming. Of course, the border in a state of chaos. All created by Joe, all preventable if he would have kept Donald Trump’s policies in place. … There’s a massive new war in Europe. China is threatening to invade and take over Taiwan. Iran has never been closer to getting nuclear weapons. Even worse, Biden is sucking up to – how humiliating to this country – the mullahs in Iran, he’s sucking up to the murdering thug dictator of Venezuela. He’s begging over and over again – even though he keeps getting rejected – OPEC to produce more oil. But according to Joe, America is back and better than ever. Joe Biden is delusional. 

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