What's next? Demolition begins at former Hyde Park Shopping Center

What’s next? Demolition begins at former Hyde Park Shopping Center

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Hyde Park Shopping Center on Charleston and Arville is getting a makeover.

Nyla Marquez works and lives near the area and reminisces on what the area once was years ago.

“It’s sad I grew up there, but I’m excited to see what new buildings will be made,” said Nyla Marquez.

Joy Hoover is another resident who used to work and live nearby she is looking forward to the new changes ahead.

“With McNeil neighborhood and all the people around there, we need more community in that area, so bringing small businesses together, to bring that will be huge,” added Joy Hoover.

Janice Carpi and her family have owned the historic marketplace since the 1960s, from welcoming the first Kentucky Fried Chicken in Nevada to local shops like Bill’s Auto Radio, West Charleston Auto Upholstery, and Flex nightclub.

“This used to be a really great shopping center, “said Carpi. “We had great tenants but as the years went on, the property fell into a little bit more disrepair than we wanted.”

Carpi said redevelopment has been years in the making, working with Gatski real estate and SR construction to revamp the site.

“It’s going to be a modern-day retail shopping center that’s going to bring in new businesses and new jobs to the immediate neighborhood,” said Frank Gatski, CEO of Gatski real estate services

The project is estimated at $6-$7 million dollars, with the demolition of the entire plaza expected to take up to 2-3 weeks.

“It’s such an improvement for this part of town. you see it coming down Charleston but there are an awful lot of blighted properties and this one has needed to go for a long time,” added Jeff Northrup,  senior VP of SR construction

Carpi is hoping to add a fast food joint and other needed shops. she is open to taking in new tenants and old ones.

“Its possible Flex nightclub will come back,” explained Carpi. “They wanted to and we’re talking about it but they just couldn’t get things together in time and they we’re interested in the corner area back there which would give them more space. We love this area, we feel a real loyalty to this area.”

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