Flickr Offers 1TB of Free Storage and Comes with a New UI Design

Flickr Offers 1TB of Free Storage and Comes with a New UI Design

These days, the news about Yahoo’s 1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr has shocked many people and one of the consequences is the massive migration of Tumblr users to WordPress. Today, Yahoo is holding a press conference that was previously announced in New York City and while Yahoo is posting news about Tumblr, the focus of this press conference is on the online photo service Flickr.

In a post on the Flickr blog, Yahoo stated that from now on, users who use free services can take advantage of 1TB of storage facilities that can be used either for photos or videos.

In the agreement for the video, individual clips have a maximum limit of 3 minutes per video, but for Flickr users can upload their video clips as many times as they want until a 1TB quota is reached. It will be very interesting, seeing how other cloud -based data storage services such as Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive respond to massive changes from Flickr and Yahoo.

In addition to increasing storage capacity, Flickr also launched a new interface for its website, together with a new tool that will help users organize photos. Then there is also an Activity Feed that will display new photos / images that you just uploaded or your friends. A new slideshow mode allows Flickr customers to view photos in one full screen. Not to forget, Flickr also provides a new application that can be downloaded by Android owners from the Google Play Store.

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