Data Transfer from Hotmail to Reaches 150 Petabytes

Data Transfer from Hotmail to Reaches 150 Petabytes

As in the previous post , Microsoft has officially closed the Hotmail service and directed users to For this reason, Microsoft must move data to the new site, which has 150 petabytes of data, which according to Microsoft takes six weeks to complete.

But you might be wondering, how much is 150 petabytes of data? For those of you who, for example, have 4 terabytes (TB) hard disks, it feels big enough for storage. Then how about the analogy of data with a size of 150 petabytes?

Fortunately Microsoft has created an infographic that gives us an idea of ​​how much data is contained in this count of 150 petabytes. If it’s simple, it can be said, data with a size of 150 petabytes is really very large data. In one part of the infographic it is illustrated that listening to music alone requires up to 300,000 years if the total data reaches 150 petabytes.

If you use to send 50 emails a day, with 75KB of each email, it will take 120 years to send 150 petabytes of email. Can be analogous, the human race is likely to become extinct or develop into other forms that require energy for their lives. Like when we were watching Star Trek

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